BEST Link Shortener to earn Money in 2019 - January: All Linkvertise Updates

We are often asked why Linkvertise is so unique and the best on the market. Our answer can be explained and summarized in 3 points quite quickly and easily.

  • Individual advertising (highest CPM rates)
  • Competent Support
  • Continuous development of the platform

To show you these developments a bit more precisely, we would like to show you today what we have planned for the beginning of 2019 to make Linkvertise even better!

Further plans for 2019

The largest, and probably with the most hoped for, will soon come. This year we will release the official Linkvertise app for your smartphone. There you can check your dashboard etc. anywhere and anytime!

Soon it is possible again to pay out automatically after a certain amount automatically his money. The whole thing will be in the Payouts section!

If you have questions or problems you can contact us via Twitter

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