FAQ about the Linkvertise Installer

The most common questions and problems about the Linkverise Installer

In this article, you will find all important questions about the installer. Also if you have any further questions, we have a contact-form for you.

  • Malware-Check: Before we put a download file into the installer, it will be scanned for malware.
  • You can find new additional software, you would have never came through without the installer.
  • You are in charge! You can always decide, if you want to download additional software. We never check a box without you.
  • Your download is fast, secure and from us, as a tustful place.

It can happen in unlikely special cases. Reasons for that are:

  • The filename of the file you wanna download includes something like: “Crack”, “Hack” .. or similar.
  • Often the installer is just detected as “potentially unliked” software. This can happen, because it is a program downloading something else in the background. Usually it shows up, if you have set the sensibility of your antivirus program to “high”. 
  • The Linkvertise Installer is an executable .exe file, which might include another executables (the actual download). This is suspicious for some antivirus programs, so they detect it as a virus. Together with the antivirus-producer, we try to fix this. 

If you find a problem like this, please send us a message in the contact formular. It will be helpful, if you send the linkvertise-link and the download-link with it or make a screenshot. Thank you 🙂

Our link-creators use the installer as an option to monetize their downloads, without charging you for it. They earn through advertisements and the offers you have to do. One offer is the installer, they can choose to activate for download links. Some people make their living from it actually. 

The Linkvertise Installer does not force you to install any additional software. You are always in charge to decline or accept. Also we will never check a box before you agree. Additionally the installer is scanning the actual download for viruses, before it starts to provide the download-file.

The installer ensures, that your download-file is virus free. Also you never again have to go to another additional website after completing our offers. You do not see another fake-downloadlinks or any spammy content.

It is only possible, if the creator deactivates the installer for his links or if he is also providing the download in another way.

At the moment this is the only solution. But we are working to provide better solutions in future.

The files will be saved in your default download-folder of your Windows computer.

Additionally to the downloaded file, we will follow the windows-standards: temporary data will be saved into the windows-temp folder. You can delete it in the usual way. Also a registery-key will be stored for the internal optimization. But it does not need a big space on your computer or weakens the performance.

You can easily remove all additional downloads, when you go into your windows “programs and fuctions” tab and just remove the software. About the Browser-Extentions: You need to deactivate or remove them in the Addon Settings of your browsers. 

Contact for further problems

Please insert, that you are coming from this page and you have a problem with the installer or found a bug.