You want to increase your RPM and your total income on Linkvertise? In this article we are going to show 5 ways to do this. Grab a coffee and read trough our short article. It will be helpful for sure.

Which factors is the RPM based on?

In general there are five different factors, which have influence on the RPM. 

  • The traffic origin is important. For example a click from the US is counting more than a click from South-America. This is due to a higher average payment, an advertiser will offer for a click.
  • Your advertisement settings
  • The motivation behind the link-click. People tend to complete more offers, if they have a higher need to get the content behind the link.
  • The quality of the traffic origin. Youtube has higher quality than any adult page for example
  • The unique-visitor count per day

Top 5 methods to increase your earnings on Linkvertise

Now, as we know the factors we need to consider, we can go further to the specific methods to increase your RPM. 

Your download is put into a Installer. The user has to download this installer. If he is executing it, he will see some offers for downloading additional software. He can accept or decline these. After that he is directly getting the download. Never again your followers need to go to another second page. A Tutorial for the installer you find here.

Depending on the motivation of the link-clicker to get the content behind the link, he will be thinking about completing the offers. Examples for high motivation are download-links. Especially if these people come to your video or website, already expecting a link for a download. They have high interest to get it. If you are linking your Twitter for example, there will be low interest to use a linkvertise link and complete some offers.

Try to imagine, which advertisement options are right for your community and their level of motivation to get the content in behind. You can just play around with different advertisement options until you found the best RPM. Sometimes you shouldn’t activate everything, because there might be a high drop-off rate. The most effective options are: watching articles, the installer and the Addon.

Really mention the link in your video or on the webpage. This will help your users, getting aware of the tasks they have to acomplish. because you saying it already, these people will have less fear to actually do the tasks, because they know you trust us and they trust you.

If your followers buy premium, their value of a click will increase. The RPM for an average premium user is higher than the RPM of a normal user. 

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