Why was the Full Page API disabled for my account?

That’s certainly the first question you ask yourself when you see the API hint in your dashboard. The following article answers frequently asked questions about disabling the Full Page API. We ask you to read this article completely and to contact us in case of ambiguity or complaints.

The reason for disabling the API is in most cases based on a policy violation. So, the site where the script was embedded does not conform to our policies. For example, content on your site may not promote illegal activity or copyright infringement. For detailed information, we ask you to read our program guidelines thoroughly.

What consequences does the deactivation have on already integrated codes?

If you already have the script on one or more websites, that’s no problem. The links continue to work, except that a direct redirect takes place without a Linkvertise intermediate page.
Accordingly, the traffic through the full page script is no longer remunerated.

What consequences does this have on my Linkvertise account?

This restriction has no consequences on your account. Even the revenues generated until then remain. Only the future functions and revenues from the Full Page API are gone.

Is there a way to get the Full Page API enabled again?

Not necessarily. Since our decisions are thoroughly reviewed, deactivating the Full Page API is final in most cases. However, if you believe that we have unjustly disabled your script, you have the option to submit a complaint anytime by emailing: [email protected].

If you have come across this article and do not know what the Full Page Script is, we ask you to watch this YouTube video:

The Full Page API on Linkvertise.net:

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