How to create a link? - Tutorial

Of course, to make money with links, you have to cut them first via Linkvertise. How the whole thing works we explain here in this post!

1. Go to the Linkvertise Dashboard

2. Scroll down. You will find the button “Create Link” there

3. Click on the button. Now this window will open above your dashboard.

4. Now add your link to which you want to forward and click on the “Next” button.

5. Now you can flexibly design your own banner. Choose from various options whast you want to link.

6. Now you can choose one of currently four different URL’s and determine the name of your own link after your numerical code.

7. Last but not least you can decide for yourself which ads on your link should be used and which not. To edit them simply click on the white circle on the left edge of the window.          The more ads are activated, the more money you can earn!

8. Now click on “Create link” and your personal link has been generated. If the “Link created successfully” window appears, you can click “Done”. Now the window closes and you are back in the dashboard. Your shortened link can now be found in the dashboard              below your earnings. 

This was the by step guide to creating a personal Linkvertise link. If you have any questions or problems you can contact them via Twitter.