How do I integrate the Full Script API on my website?

Our Full Script API makes it possible to monetize all external links of a website. For this, only a code snippet is necessary. What the Full Script API is and how it can be used is explained in this video:

Some users surely ask the question: How do I correctly insert the Full Script API snippet on my website? Here are some ways that could help:

If WordPress (CMS) is used:

If you are using WordPress on your website, insert the code snippet as follows:

Install the WordPress plugin “Simple Custom CSS and JS” und enable it in the plugin settings.

Then click on “Add Custom HTML” in the plugin settings and insert the code snippet.

Make sure that the check mark in “Where on page” Header is selected. Then click on “Publish”.

If a website builder system is used:

For homepage kits you will find the “Edit Head Section” section in the settings. There paste the code snippets and then save the settings.

If you have programmed the website yourself:

There you must also insert the code snippet in the header area of the website. It’s important that the tag works on the entire site, not just on a specific subpage.

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