Make more money setting a SEO-Description!

In this article you will get to know, why we ask you for a SEO-Description when creating a link. Also we will explain how to set a good description.

Why do we ask to set a SEO-Description?

Some creators don’t like setting a SEO-Description and tell us to remove it. But actually it’s a very good option to make extra earnings with your link. We just launched the Linkvertise Search-Engine. If you set a SEO-Description, your links will appear as a search-result.  If people now click on your link, you will get some earning additionally to the earnings you already do with sharing your link on your Social Media for example. 

Especially it is very interesting for people without any community. You can easily create content and links, which people are interested in , make a good SEO-Description and you will get some clicks and earnings from that. You do not need to share your links. You just need a little waiting time and consider the tipps, we will explain to you now. 

Suchmaschine Linkvertise

How to write a good SEO-Description?

First of all, you should know that the position within the search results is very relevant. The first three results get around 60% of all clicks for that specific search term. So now we have to think of a way, how to rank at that position easily. 

SEO Beschreibung

1.How to set a good title

The title is a very important element for ranking high within the Linkvertise search results. First of all, it should include the search-term (main keyword). Also you should ensure, that it sounds interesting and make people want to click it. If its clicked quite often compared to other “competitor” links for your topic, you will be ranked before them. This is very relevant, if you already reached the top if the search results.  

Additionally the rating for the specific links is counted. Premium members can rate each link. Thats why you should ensure, the title really describes, what people will get after clicking the link. Otherwise, there will be a lot of dislikes and your link won’t show up in the top search results any more. 

2. Write a good description

The description is a little underrated, but a very relevant factor. We detect the context of your Link with the description. It means we try to understand to which other search terms your link might be useful for and it will show up there as well. Also it will give further information to the link-visitors. It will build trust to you and people tend to click on your link instead of others. It’s worth being creative. It should have around 2-3 sentences and teaser the content a little. 

3. Insert a Youtube video, if possible

If you have a Youtube channel, where you plan to share your link as well, it will be useful to integrate the link to your youtube video inside the SEO-Description as well. It’s not only building trust. It is a direct factor for ranking better. Also your Youtube Video will gain more views most likely.