How to make people click on your Linkvertise-Links?

Are you new on Linkvertise? Do you question yourself, how to start earning money with Linkvertise? Or you just don’t know where to share your links? Then you are exactly right here. Last week, we showed you how to use our Dashboard and how to create Links. Now we are going one further step with explaining you, how to make people click. The key is to build a community. An easy way is, to use youtube. Now we will show you, how you can start earning with your first video. 

Why people fail to make money with Content-Blockers

As our platform is growing, we found more and more people asking how to actually start earning money and where to share the first links. And here we are. Ready for answering this questions.

Some people believe, that just sharing their links inside the youtube comments of other people or within facebook groups will generate them lots of clicks and income. But thats not working as expected and you might be blocked. It is a very spammy way with not a lot of profit. 

The solution is pretty simple. You have to become the central point of interest for people, who want to get the content you are sharing. The people should come to you, you don’t want to chase everyone to click your link. If someone searches for the content you provide, they should find you in the very first search results. This is called search-engine-optimization. Short: SEO. Thats very easy on youtube, thats why we found youtube as one of the best ways to monetize your content. Next on we have the biggest quick-tipps for you to get started. 

Youtube seo für linkvertise

1. Create content, people actually want to have and search for

You should start to think about good pieces of content you could provide to a community. Think on your own interests and if there is something which might be interesting for a lot of people like you. Usually download-content works really good. Here is a little example:

Imagine, that you are interested in the Game “GTA 5”. Lots of people love to cheat or mod things. Thats why a lot of people on youtube provide downloads for this kind of things. If you link these downloads though linkvertise, you will definately earn lots of money. Another example are programmers, who share their code for free, but using linkvertise to make people access their github for example. They give the content for free, but still earning. 

Now its time for you to think about a content-area for yourself. Please try to find a very small niche to get started. Here it is a lot easier to do optimization and reach the top page on youtube. But please make sure you do respect our guidelines. 

When you found a good content-area to get started, you need to create a video. After that we can continue to the next step.

2. Optimize your Video

You might question yourself, how to gain views on youtube with a new, little youtube channel. But that is very easy. You do it though search engine optimization. Thats the reason why we advised you to start with small topics. There is less competition and you have a higher chance to actually rank for the keyword you want to. In general there are six main reasons a youtube video appears within the top search results. 

  • Title
  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • Tags
  • Watchtime
  • Interaktion
First of all, let us take a look at the “hard factors”. These should be optimized always, to even get started ranking on relevant keywords. 
  • Try to get sure, what search-term people put into the youtube search, if they want to get your content. You should try to put it inside your search-bar and just test it out. 
  • Now it’s time to build your own title. You should start with your keyword. Also a good trick is to use capital letters, emojis and special characters. 
  • Most important is, that you mention your main keyword on the very start of your title.
  • Lots of people do not take the description serious. But thats your chance. The youtube algorithm gets a lot of useful information about your video through the description.
  • The description should be an invite to watch your whole video. Try to type around 250 characters at minimum. Also ensure your keywords is at the start of the description as well. In addition you should write useful sentences. Keyword-stuffing is not working any more. 
  • Also you should try to highlight your linkvertise-link.

The thumbnail should look way different, than the ones of your competitors. Try to find something suitable. Its an advantage to create a specific design for your whole channel.

Tags are another highly underrated factor for the youtube optimization. But they give very specific data to the algorithm and are one of the main reasons, why videos rank on youtube. Most important is, to put only relevant keywords to your video and channel. Try to use around 10-12 keywords. First put the main keyword, afterwards 2-3 generic terms and after that another 3-5 very specific keywords. 


Keyword: green smoothie recipe,

generic term: green smoothies, 

specific words: green smoothie recipe to lose weight

If you really consider these tipps, you will have high chances to rank your video within the top 10 results for your keyword. After you reached the top 10, you will get a lot of views. Now its most important to make your people watch your video for quite a long time and get a lot of interactions. A good video length is around 8-12 minutes. Also you should explain in an interesting way and also ask people to leave comments and feedback. 

We hope you liked this article and our tipps will help you to start earning successful. If you have any further questions, reach out to us inside our support chat.