Make Money With YouTube 2019 | Unknown method [Tutorial; per click] - Earn money online

Many people monetize their Youtube content only one-sidedly with the Youtube affiliate program. Smaller Youtuber not at all, since they do not have the possibility to monaterize your videos, since the conditions do not meet.

Then there’s Youtuber trying to earn money through Amazon Refereal links and of course the usual merchandise store etc. But today we’re showing you another very effective way to make much easier money. 

The best conditions

Many Youtube in the modern day use your video description very much like to link their social media to provide downloads or simply to beautify the channel something. However, most do not even know that the video description is a huge gold mine!

Have downloads of games – software programs – plugins and DLCs – wallpapers – themes – animations / intros – etc.

Why? Very easily. Upload your software, themes, etc. to any website, such as Dropbox or high. There you get your file link and shorten it via Linkvertise. Now you just have to put this link into your video description and you’re done!

Other possibilities

Of course you can earn money in other ways on Youtube. You can sponsor, promote brand or other channel advertising or the like. However, these are usually only offered from a certain number of subscribers or click per video, as most companies only become aware of larger YouTube.

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