Monetize downloads | Make money with downloads [Tutorial 2019] Screenreader support enabled.

In this post we want to show you how to monetize downloads perfectly! If you offer free downloads in this day and age, but do not earn money, you are losing a lot of revenue!

In the age of the Internet, computers and smartphones, downloads from our lives have become indispensable! Whether in the Play Store, Apple Store or on various websites. We always need a file, program, or video somewhere.

We’d like to show you today how you can make money with your own downloads!

For example, if you have your own website that provides free downloads, you must first be aware that you are either making your own downloads available or, if the downloads are not yours, you are redirecting to the copyright page. That is, if you download a video from MediaFire or similar, for example, that’s fine. Only you must not upload this file again somewhere else and spend as yours. This would violate copyright.

Wie hilft dir dabei?!

Very easily! Our service ensures that especially download traffic is very well monetized. Assuming you have a download link from MediaFire and would like to install it now on his page, you shorten this first on Linkvertise and post it then only on your website. Your advantage here is that you get money for every click on your link, because it first gets to an advertising page created by Linkvertise before it is redirected to the download. The whole thing is extremely profitable. For both large and smaller download providers. With Linkvertise you get paid for clicks and that means that you can get up to 18 € for 1000 clicks!

What is CPI Network?

CPI Network are programs in which both your target software or video, etc. are packed in and, in addition, advertisements for downloading other software such as browsers, anti-virus software etc. However, this is a rather less user-friendly option, but you have to you know yourself. In this variant, however, you have to be 100% the creator of the software or whatever you put to download, because otherwise you violate the copyright!

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