Alternative: Linkvertise - 5x higher earnings through modern advertising

In this blog post, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that with Linkvertise you can easily generate the FIVE-PAY of revenue, as with the competition of

How does it work?

Very easily. Linkvertise automatically switches “intelligent advertising”. This means that website visitors are offered individual advertising that generates higher revenues. Of course also the browser plugins play a big role to increase the salary.

As we are constantly working on improvements and other features, our platform will gradually grow into the Top Link Shorteners. Why? We stay up-to-date, provide direct support, and keep our users’ earnings growing. Recently, we increased user revenue by another 6% in June. So Linkvertise continues to make progress!

We are different! Because our platform is very different from other link shorteners, here are 5 reasons why Linkvertise is unique:

Reason # 1: The continuous development

Since started online, the platform has been constantly evolving. From design to new features to public presentation, there have been constant changes that make this platform what it is today. Many other well-known link shorteners have shown barely noticeable changes in recent years, as you can see in terms of users’ websites and revenue. Linkvertise on the other hand always tries to stay up to date with the online marketing world.

Reason # 2: Special Payout Rates

Anyone who has ever monetized a download with full advertising settings via Linkvertise, knows what we’re talking about. At 11-16 € per 1000 clicks or more even the best alternatives can not compete. The special thing is: The compensation is not always the same, but results from the fulfillment of various parameters in our algorithm.

Reason # 3: Active and Personal Support

Active and personal support is one of our strengths. Anyone who contacts us via e-mail and expresses problems, bugs or suggestions for improvement usually receives an answer within the first 24 hours. Also via Skype, we now offer personal counseling for more revenue. (For the time being, however, this advice is only in German – Skype ID: dr.winternet).

Reason # 4: A Clean Design

If you’re at , you’ll notice that we put a lot of emphasis on a clean design and a clear user interface. Our color choice is not too fancy and always keeps in an orange tone. Functions and other settings are easy to reach and provide clear orientation.

Reason # 5: The Serious Advertising

Despite the extremely high revenue for our users Linkvertise is not dependent on dubious advertising. Since usability is very important to us, we refrain from unclear, hidden advertising or pop-ups that scare the user.
We deliver advertising that appeals rather than deters! With this motto, we differentiate ourselves from those link shorteners promoting porn or gambling advertising.

So why is the better solution in the long term?

  • Unlike other link shorteners, Linkvertise is always working to increase user revenue without showing rogue or misleading advertising.
  • We do not confuse users through several subpages and thus ensure that our forwarding is clearly arranged.
  • We deliver a performance-oriented CPM. Users with high-quality traffic receive above average revenue as liefern einen performance-orientierten TKP. 
  • We offer various advertising settings that the user can choose for themselves
  • A Withdrawal applications are processed extremely quickly, which gives us confidence in our users.

If you currently use a different link shortener for your traffic, now is the time to change. Many users do not change the link Shortener for convenience! However, users of other platforms miss out on a lot of money. Instead of getting $ 3.50 from other providers, you should now switch to and get <$ 8.50 or more for your traffic.

If you have questions or problems you can contact us via Twitter

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