We're launching new ad settings and increasing your revenue per link

It took a long time, but now finally the new advertising settings for everyone are available.

Linkvertise now offers three different advertising settings:

  • Some users need to add a browser extension
  • Some users need to enable the push notifications
  • Some users have to wait 15 seconds

If you activate all ad settings, the result is extremely high revenue. Some first users reach 13-16 € revenue for 1000 clicks. That’s really phenomenal.

The best thing, however, is the individual attitude of this advertisement. Depending on what you trust your community or website users, you can edit each setting individually. For example, you do not want some users to have to enable push notifications. Then you can simply deactivate / activate these via our dashboard. Very uncomplicated and transparent!

The effects for each change in the settings are visible live. A “Revenue” bar shows very clearly which changes cause what. The following picture shows the configuration window in the last step:

In addition to the new design, now is the link creation, a “step by step” widget, which facilitates the process of creating a link. Now one wonders at the new advertising settings:

Which functions have the individual settings exactly?

If some people on the ad page are offered to add our browser extension, a button will appear that you have to press. If the user has added this extension, they will be redirected to the target page. Our browser extension is available for Chrome and Firefox, is reputable and virus-free. With just a few clicks, you can always remove this extension from your browser, if you want to. This form of advertising will earn you the most revenue if you have activated this setting.

If some users are suggested to activate the push notifications on the ad page, a window with “Allow notifications” will appear in the upper left corner of the browser. If the user clicks on “Allow”, he will be directed to the target page. These push notifications are ordinary desktop notifications that inform about news, posts, and so on. With right-click > Deactivate you can also switch off push notifications, if you want. The following picture shows what these push notifications are:

If some users on the ad page have to wait 15 seconds before being redirected, this will increase your revenue slightly, but noticeably. The good news is: Every user sees a countdown on the “Continue” button and therefore knows exactly what to do. This advertising setting should be enabled for every user, as there is no particular hurdle to get to the landing page and still increase revenue. But if you do not want to give your users a wait, you can also disable this setting.

This is the first article on Blog.Linkvertise.net and we are pleased to announce this blog.

How do you like these changes on Linkvertise.net? Write it in the comments. If you still have suggestions for improvement, you can also write in the comments.

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