Top 5 Ways: Make Money With Forum [Advertising] Website Make Money

In this blog post we want to show you 5 ways to make money from your own forum!

1. Banner advertising through an ad network

As seen in the video (see above), we chose the network “”, which is currently very ambitious. It already has very strong partners, as it is the network of Yahoo and Bing. It owns many American partners and also well-known ones like Forbes, msn and CNN. The network offers 3 different types of monetization!

1. Contextual Ads:

This ad creates text blocks that are relevant to your account. This means that the ad will recognize your account and show individual ads. So you can also very well integrate such advertisements in a similar forum.


2. Marketplace

This is the direct booking of advertising partners. This means, for example, that you integrate a banner ad into a forum and that a direct advertising partner switches your ad to this ad banner.

Example: your forum is specialized in online dating – optimal advertising: Parship


Your forum specializes in gaming – Razer or Roccat turn advertising

3. Programmatic Ads

For example, you can place advertising space on your forums and websites in the header of your forum or on the page margins. These ad spaces will now be offered for auction. Now advertising companies can “bid” and the one who offers the highest can advertise there.

2. Sales of own products

Another good example: an online dating portal / forum

You are in possession of a forum in which people can exchange tips and tricks for flirting and data. Almost every visitor to your forum is interested in the topic of “love”. Now, as the operator of the portal, you can advertise for more tips and tricks, for example, in an e-book. They now advertise this e-book for about 10 € (as an example) and sell it via your forum. It’s best to look at which topics and posts are the most popular and consider which products fit best on these topics.


In general, Linkvertise is very convenient. About shortened links, which lead to a destination URL, you can make super easy money. Also useful is the “Full Page Script API”. All external links posted to your forum are automatically converted to Linkvertise links by the API! These are immediately monetized and you also earn money immediately on clicks on the links. A great additional income!

4. direct partners in forums

Example: A Fifa 19 forum

A perfect direct partner would be here, e.g. “MMOGA“. You write your suitable partners by email or other and ask for a partnership. Say you have the same audience and offer to make a “Top Post” for a certain amount per week or month, which always appears at the top of your website.

This variant is quite expensive, because you constantly have to stay in touch with your partner and of course often have to write your own blog posts.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is likely to be a household name to most of you!

In short, you earn your money by promoting other websites, products or forums etc. For this you need your own “Affiliate Link”, which as well as all websites make available. You post this in your forum posts and get per click and registration via this link a commission.

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