"You are trying to access this link from a unserious source." - What does it mean?

This message is read by a user when attempting to access a Linkvertise link from a dubious source. The following explains what this means for the user, the website owner and the link creator.

Linkvertise links must not be shared everywhere! Our program policies state that a website should comply with certain guidelines in order to be considered a source of traffic. Sites classified as dubious in our system will not be able to send traffic to Linkvertise links. We’re trying to protect our partners and advertisers.

However, if links are shared on dubious websites, the following consequences for…

  • The user:
    The user can not access the destination link. Forwarding is not possible.

  • The website owner:
    The website operator can no longer monetize his content with Linkvertise and must first meet our content guidelines to be re-enabled in our system.

  • The link creator:
    The link creator is responsible for sharing the links and risks an “Adult-Rating” or, in particularly severe cases, an account suspension.

What do I have to consider when sharing my links?

It’s important to us that Linkvertise links are not shared on inappropriate websites.

Such prohibited websites mainly include:

1. Pornographic or adult-only content

2. Violent content, hate speech, harassment, bullying or similar content directed against individuals or groups

3. profanity

4. Content related to hacking and cracking

5. Misleading or deceptive software

6. Malware or adware

7. Content related to illegal drugs

8. Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activities, or violates the rights of others

    Is it allowed to bypass this site filter?

    If you share Linkvertise links to sites that are considered dubious, it is prohibited to use services such as “bit.ly” and so on to disguise and anonymize the origin of the traffic.

    If you have any questions about the article, feel free to contact us via Email or Twitter!

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