Linkvertise Clicks, Views, Projected Values -
What Does It Mean?

In this blog post, we’ll tell you what impressions, clicks and values are all about, and it’s all back to the Linkvertise Dashboard.

In the upper picture is listed once, which information one gets over its shortened links.

Particlarly interesting are the different labels which one sees over the URL’s. These are classified in “Destination URL” – Status – earnings – Click – Views – Revenue per 1000 views and Last edited. For all these features we give you a few important information!

In the destination URL section, you can check which link you’ve cut via Linkvertise. As soon as you click on the blue word “target”, a new tab will open that leads to your destination URL.

The status bar always indicates that your link is “active”. If this is not the case, please contact the support.

Of course, the most important thing is the earnings you get with the links. These are given in euros and cents. Your earnings are also updated in real time.

In this column you can see how many “clicks” you have. A click is always calculated if a visitor has clicked on your LV-Link AND then also forwarded to the landing page.

Views are generated as follows: As soon as someone clicks on your shortened link, you will be credited one more view. It does not matter if the visitor of the website is forwarded to the destination link or not.

The projected income amount on 1000 views is very variable and can change constantly. In this case, many factors play a major role, such as the nationality from where the visitor comes to the website, whether the visitor is redirected to the destination URL, etc.

What if this field is “0”?

Then this link has not been clicked once in the last 30 days which has the consequence that, of course, no revenue can arise. As soon as the link is clicked again, the extrapolated amount also adapts again.

To the right of the most important numbers, we now come to a couple of other statistics that may be of interest to you. Click on the small blue statistic icon on the right side of the “Last edited” date.

This statistics window shows information about your top countries and which devices your links are clicked on. Whether from the phone or PC / laptop you will also be shown again in a beautiful pie chart.

If you want to delete a link you can do so by clicking on the button “delete link” on the right side and a confirmation.

If you have questions or problems you can contact us via Twitter !

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